May 2015 Newsletter

We are Growing with Our New Building

On April 15, 2015, we broke ground for the new office building that will become the new home for Junior’s Junction.

Stay tuned, we’ll up date you with our progress.

Spring and Summer Allergy Alert!

Spring and Summer are our favorite time of year when kids can play outside in the warm sunshine.

But Spring and Summer can be dreaded by children and adults that suffer with allergies.

As the flowers and trees begin to bloom, noses begin to run and eyes begin to itch. The following information gathered from Linda M. McCloud,, and Clifford Bassett MD will help you plan for and survive Allergy Season.

Spring Allergies are caused mostly by tree pollen and Summer Allergies by grasses and weeds, mold, air pollution and dust mites. Some of the easy, natural ways that con help keep allergies at bay are:

  • Keep it clean! (Clothing, pets, and home should be kept as clean and free from dust as possible.)
  • Make Healthy Choices: (Eat a balanced, nutritious diet and drink plenty of water.)
  • Plan outdoor activities after checking pollen levels Visit an Allergist

We hope you and your family have a Safe and Allergy Free Spring and

May 5th – 9th, 2014
Teacher Appreciation Week
At Junior’s Junction

Janet, Cheryl, and Staff