Spring Brings Colds and Allergies

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March Roars In Like a Lion! Hello Everyone; With spring upon us I wanted to take the time to share some important information with you about keeping your children and family safe. With the spring come longer daylight hours, wind, rain, new growth and ALLERGIES.  It is sometimes difficult to tell whether your child is [...]

Texas Early Learning Council “Little Texans Big Futures”

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Infant, Toddler, Three Year Old Development Guidelines As educators of young children, we wish to share a new statewide public awareness campaign on the importance of early childhood development titled “Little Texans Big Futures.” The campaign message is based on the new Infant, Toddler, and Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelines. Parental Concerns Choosing Day Care for Your [...]

Searching for Child Care – Beware

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State Agency Hires Staff to Shut Down Illegal Day Care The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (“DFPS”) recently announced plans to hire 40 additional staff whose only job is to track down illegal care operators.   The purpose of these new employees will be twofold; Either bring these illegal day care operators into [...]

Preventing Child Heat Strokes In Vehicles

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On Average Every 10 Days A Child Dies From Vehicle  Heat Stroke Children are much more likely to suffer heat strokes when trapped in a vehicle than adults. According to the safer.gov website, child's body temperature can heat up to 5 times faster than an adult. Here are some startling facts I discovered  from this [...]

Cyclosporiasis Outbreak In North Texas Reported

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Local Produce Growers Business Booming As A Result Many local produce growers are enjoying major increases in business as a result of the cyclosporiasis outbreak in North Texas. It's a one-celled parasite called Cyclospora cayetanensis that results in cyclospora infection. You become infected by drinking water or eating food that have that has been contaminated [...]

Texas Rising Star Awarded Junior’s Junction

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Junior’s Junction Partners With Texas Workforce Commission Our Mission Statement states: To partner with parents in raising their child to meet the demands of our future.” One of the steps we have taken in fulfilling that goal is to become a Texas Rising Star Accredited Center. Providers of Child Care Services can apply to the [...]

Heat Stress, Bug and Playground Safety

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Heat Stress in Exercising Children This post contains information from www.aapnews.org (Official News Magazine of the American Academy of Pediatrics) and their website www.aap.org. The intensity of activities that last 15 minutes or more should be reduced whenever high heat and humidity reach critical levels. At the beginning of a strenuous exercise program or after traveling to a [...]

Summer Safety for Kids

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Safe Kids USA Study Finds Summer Months Dangerous A Safe Kids USA Study found that 42 percent of accidental deaths in children occur during the summer. For children ages 10 to 14, the number of accidental deaths increases by 14 percent during summer months. Certain types of injuries also are common during the summer months. However, we [...]

Junior’s Junction and Child Care Associates

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Child Care Management Services Often parents inquire about available child care assistance programs. Child Care Associates manages such a program available through the Texas Workforce Commission titled Child Care Management Services (“CCMS”). What is the purpose of CCMS? Child Care Associates is the largest private, non-profit child development organization, operating 37 child development centers throughout [...]

Reduce Springtime Allergies Quick Guide

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What Can You Do About Springtime Allergies? As we leave the cold of winter behind and head into the warmer days of springtime, I wanted to give you some helpful tips in dealing with those pesky springtime allergies. Some of the common allergens are dust, dust mites, mold, pollen, and pollution. Limit exposure to dust, [...]