Reduce Springtime Allergies Quick Guide

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What Can You Do About Springtime Allergies?

As we leave the cold of winter behind and head into the warmer days of springtime, I wanted to give you some helpful tips in dealing with those pesky springtime allergies.

Some of the common allergens are dust, dust mites, mold, pollen, and pollution.

Limit exposure to dust, pollen, mold and pollution

  • Check weather forecasts and pollen levels before going outside
  • Be aware of ozone alerts (we post them daily when orange or red)
  • Keep doors and windows closed
  • Change or wash air filters regularly
  • Keep your home as dust free as possible (a dehumidifier may help)
  • After extended outside activity take a shower and wash clothing to limit the amount of pollen brought inside.
  • Keep pets and their bedding clean and free of dander
  • Vacuum pet bedding, furniture, carpets and rugs and replace your bag often.
  • Stay indoors when the wind is blowing
  • Dress according to the weather (which in Texas can turn on a dime!)

Help Yourself  With Natural Allergy Remedies

Food allergy alert! With your physician’s approval: Use honey that is locally grown daily.  The bees collect pollen (a natural allergen) from local plants, flowers, trees and vegetation.  Eating locally grown honey can help your body adjust to the pollens local to your area.

  • Drink lots of water
  • Eat foods rich in vitamin C
  • Use dye and fragrance free soap products

In Cases Of Severe Allergies

Seek medical attention.

Always consult with your family physician for proper medical intervention.

Follow daily dosing instructions on all prescription or over the counter allergy medications.

Remember that in order for us to give any medication to your child the container must have dosing instructions for your child’s age or a prescription with proper dosing instructions and your child’s name on label.

Here’s to a sneeze, cough, itchy rash, and allergy free springtime.


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