February Junior’s Junction 2013 Newsletter

                             Dental Health Month

6 Children in Pyramid Form Holding Hands

February is Dental  Health Awareness Month.

Junior’s Junction has invited Dr. Gold, Pediatric Dentist to  come to come visit our classrooms.

He will be presenting a dental health program to our Preschool and Pre-K classrooms on Thursday, 2/21/2013.

Be sure you ask your child about what they learned from Dr. Gold and to  look over the information your child brings home.

                                Class Valentine Parties

Valentines Day Brass Heart Red Ribbon Chocolate HeartsOn Thursday, February 14, 2013 Junior’s Junction will host our annual class Valentine Parties.

Sign-up sheets for goodies will be on the front counter on Wednesday, February 6th.

In addition please have your child bring a valentine card for each friend in his/her classroom.

                                                                                                         Premier Safety

Hand Holding Envelope Text Good News Sky BackgroundOn Wednesday, February 13, 2013 Premiere will be at the facility to do Mandatory Vision Screenings for 4 year olds as well as optional Vision Screenings for 3 year olds.

Please return your child’s completed permisssion form with payment in cash or check in the amount of $9.00 on or before Monday, 2/11/2013.

Thank you.

Ken, Janet, Cheryl & Staff