Texas Rising Star Awarded Junior’s Junction

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Junior’s Junction Partners With Texas Workforce Commission

Our Mission Statement states: To partner with parents in raising their child to meet the demands of our future.”

One of the steps we have taken in fulfilling that goal is to become a Texas Rising Star Accredited Center.

Providers of Child Care Services can apply to the Local Workforce Development Board to demonstrate that they voluntarily meet requirements that exceed the State of Texas minimum child care licensing (“CCL”) standards.

Junior’s Junction Earns Four Star Rating (Highest)

Texas Rising Star (“TRS”) offers three levels of certification; two star, three star, and four star. The TRS Program encourages Day Care Providers to work progressively toward  attaining a Four-Star Level.

In the mid to late 1970’s federal standards issued encouraged quality child care for children across the United States. The Texas Rising Star program originates from these standards to insure that children are offered care that promotes their social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development.

Improving the Quality of Child Care Through Systematic Approach

Certified providers in the delivery of Child Care and Development services agree as part of the certification process to offer quality improvement equipment, materials, and training for staff whereby certain educational requirements must be met and maintained.

Texas Rising Star Program addresses the development of the state’s future workforce by subsidizing low-income families so their children can receive quality child care. The hopeful result is that this financial help will allow these families to achieve financial self-sufficiency.

Each Child Care Center continues to provide quality child care after certification based  upon three factors;

  • Regulatory Requirements of minimum acceptable level of care
  • Center Self-Assessment that allows each center to evaluate its own progress for improving the quality of child care
  • Texas Rising Star Certification provides measurable indicators of best practices that exceed State of Texas CCL Standards.

It is important to note that through the certification process measurable data is collected in partnership with state agencies on the provider’s performance in many areas a few of which;

  • Facility’s Physical Space
  • Group Sizes | Child Staff Ratios
  • Day Care Center Activities | Curriculum

The areas evaluated and collected during the  Texas Rising Star certification process are;

  • Licensing Compliance
  • Director Qualifications
  • Caregiver Staff Qualifications Education
  • Staff Orientation | Staff Training
  • Curriculum Activities
  • Caregiver-Child Interaction
  • Indoor and Outdoor Environment
  • Health and Safety
  • Nutrition and Meal Time
  • Parental Involvement
If you want more detailed information on the certification process, go to Texas Rising Star.


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