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State Agency Hires Staff to Shut Down Illegal Day Care

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (“DFPS”) recently announced plans to hire 40 additional staff whose only job is to track down illegal care operators.


The purpose of these new employees will be twofold;

  • Either bring these illegal day care operators into compliance or,
  • Shut them Down.

Illegal Day Care Operations Are More Likely to be Unsafe

DFPS indicated  in their enforcement action the following facts in their conclusion;

  • No Inspections
  • No Background Checks on Workers
  • No Consistent Standards / Best Practice Policies  to Protect Children

Paul Morris acting assistant commissioner for Child Care Licensing urges parents to do their homework and choose regulated day care.

Junior’s Junction has been serving the community since 1983 and enjoys a Four Star Rating with the Texas Rising Star certification process.

Morris continued by referencing four key concepts to remember when looking for a day care.

  • Look  for features that foster an environment where you child will thrive. Consider the experience, education, and training of the caregiver/s.
  • Learn and explore day care options at and
  • Visit the day care you are considering while children are present, pay attention to the interaction between the child care staff and the children.
  • Meet the Center Director and/or the Curriculum Director, ask questions especially about the education of their staff and ongoing training requirements.

Child Care in Texas at A Glance DFPS 2012 Annual Report | Data Book

7 Critical Mistakes Choosing DayCare

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  • Number of State Inspections – 35,755
  • Regulated DayCare Centers and Homes – 23,991
  • Capacity of Regulated Day Care – 1,078,044
  • Number of Investigations of Day Care Centers and Homes – 14,114
  • Permits Revoked, Denied, or Suspended – 175
  • Number of DFPS Background Checks – 214,313
  • Number  of FBI Checks Requested – 156,997

All regulated day care staff must undergo background checks.

However, the scope of the regulation increases with the size of the facility.

Junior’s Junction must meet health and safety requirements, meet ongoing training requirements, and we are inspected every 5-12 months.

Source: DFPS Annoucement

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