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Child Care Management Services

Often parents inquire about available child care assistance programs.

Child Care Associates manages such a program available through the Texas Workforce Commission titled Child Care Management Services (“CCMS”).

What is the purpose of CCMS?

Child Care Associates is the largest private, non-profit child development organization, operating 37 child development centers throughout Fort Worth and Tarrant County.

CCMS is a program that provides financial assistance to help families obtain quality child care for children birth to age 12.

 Who benefits from CCMS?

Parents are encouraged to apply for subsidized care through Child Care Management Services when assistance is needed with the cost of care. Child Care Associates has limited subsidy assistance and will be awarded on a case by case basis, based on need.

Eligibility for Subsidized Care – Parents may be eligible for subsidized care. In order to qualify for subsidized care offered by CCA, parents must meet the following requirements:

  • Income Eligible;
  • Working or attending school at least 25 hours each week.

Certification of eligibility will be determined at the time of enrollment and annually thereafter. The re-certification will normally occur in July of each year.

Parents, who meet the above criteria for subsidized care, will be eligible for a reduced rate depending on the availability of subsidy funding.

Parents may be eligible to receive childcare assistance if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • If you work, attend school or a training program at least 25 hours per week and are income eligible;
  • Teen parents from income eligible families who need to complete school;
  • Income eligible parents who have children with disabilities.

CCMS maintains a Wait List when all available slots are filled. As slots become available eligible parents are contacted.

CCMS offers several options for families to choose from when selecting a child care provider to meet your needs:

  • Regulated Self-Arranged Child Care (licensed or registered through DFPS) this includes licensed child care centers, registered child care homes, licensed child care homes and Texas Rising Star providers;
  • Unregulated Self-Arranged Child Care (care provided by an eligible relative) this includes a grandparent or great-grand parent of the eligible child; an aunt or uncle or a sibling of the eligible child if they are 18 years or older and meet all requirements;
  • Texas Rising Star Child Care Providers (regulated child care providers that voluntarily go above and beyond the minimum state licensing standards) They offer enhanced services such as smaller child/staff ratios; defined activities and schedules; directors with credentials; caregivers with specialized training; monitored more frequently; and provide opportunities for parent involvement.

Why does Junior’s Junction partner with CCMS?

Junior’s Junction partners with CCMS to meet the needs of our community.  While we offer extremely competitive rates there are many families with circumstances beyond their control who need assistance in providing quality care for their children.  This month we completed the assessment process to become a Texas Rising Star Child Care Provider.

For more information you can visit this web site at www.childcareassociates.org .


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